Phil Foden is widely regarded as one of England’s most gifted players. The creative left-footed midfielder allies his eye for a pass with an ability to glide past opponents, something which stood out during his time in Manchester City´s academy, and that nowadays he continues doing.

His form prompted Pep Guardiola to include him in his squad for the Champions League tie against Celtic in December 2016 but didn´t play. In November 2017 when Foden was handed his senior debut against Feyenoord in the Champions League, he become the youngest City player to play in European competition. A month later he become the youngest Englishman to stat in a UCL game, and his Premier League debut was ten days after that.

Since there, Foden started to see more game time, scoring several goals. In 2020 made his debut in the England national team. The creative left-footed midfielder is not a starter, but every time he plays, he makes a difference in the games.

About his potential Guardiola said: "Messi is the best, but at 17 I never coached anyone with Foden's potential. I didn't meet Messi at 17 as I have been able to do with Phil and at that age, I have never seen a player with that potential. The things he does, his attitude in big moments, his calmness when he makes a mistake, he forgets it in an instant. His priority is soccer 24 hours a day, and he's been growing and growing”.

How old is Phil Foden?

Phil Foden was born in Stockport, England, on May 28, 2000. Right now, the creative left-footed midfielder is 21 years old. His parents are Phil Foden Sr. and Claire Foden. His father used to work at the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport. The Manchester City player completed his high school studies at Bridge Hall Primary School, and also completed his bachelor´s degree from St Bede´s College.

Does Phil Foden have a girlfriend?

Phil Foden is in a long-term relationship with Rebecca Cooke. Born in 2000, Rebecca is 21-years, her exact date of birth isn’t known, but it’s reported that she was born in Stockport, as well as her boyfriend. It’s not clear when they first started dating, but they went to school together, so they’ve known each other since childhood. Rebecca tends to keep a low profile and there is no information about what she does for a living. In addition, Rebecca doesn’t appear to have social networks and Phil doesn’t post much about his private life.

Does Phil Foden have children?

He and his childhood sweetheart Rebecca Cooke had their first child Ronnie in January 2019, while Foden was 18 years old. “I was there for the birth. I walked out of the room, gave it a little tear, and then went back in as nothing happened. I'm not one for crying in front of people. I like to be on my own, but I was there in the room, watched it happen and it was a special moment, you look at things in a different way when you've got a kid”, he told Manchester City's official website. In 2021 Rebecca and Foden had a daughter whose name isn’t confirmed.

Phil Foden’s haircut

Phil Foden didn’t change his hairstyle ever. The Phil Foden haircut is a short men’s cut with a fringe. The haircut is short on the top, sides, and back. The hair is styled by brushing the hair on the top forward, letting the fringe cover a part of the forehead in the front. It’s an effortless haircut and easy to style. The creative left-footed midfielder haircut name is the Gazza since it was inspired by Paul Gascoigne’s Euro 96 in England.

Phil Foden's neck tattoo

The tattoo, located behind Foden's left ear, reads: "Sky is the limit." It's all capital letters, so it's quite long, starting at the ear and ending at the bottom of his neck. The City youngster was first spotted sporting the tattoo during a club training session at the start of February 2022. The tattoo was the work of artist Gabriel Maniak.

How tall is Phil Foden?

Right now, Phil Foden is listed at 5 feet 7 inches or 1.71m and weighs 70kg. His height and weight give him the necessary freedom to play the style of soccer he likes, dribbling defenders and always being close to the ball.

How much money does Phil Foden earn?

His current deal with Manchester City is set to expire in 2024, but several English news outlets reported back in October that the club was planning to tie him down until 2027. According to Marca, Foden is currently earning around 1.7 million euros per year, but the Englishman will soon get around 7m euros per season when he puts pen to paper on the new deal offered to him by Manchester City.

Which is the market value of Phil Foden?

According to Transfermarkt, Phil Foden has a market value of 90,000,000 euros. The creative left-footed midfielder ranks as the sixth most valuable player in the world. The first place is occupied by Kylian Mbappé, who has a market value of 160,000,000 euros.