Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is finally a Barcelona player or another way to look at it is that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is finally out of Arsenal. Aubameyang had a rollercoaster last few months being banished from the Arsenal squad and partying during the African Nations Cup.

A last-minute winter loan to Barcelona was just what the doctor ordered to get his career back on track. At Barcelona, Aubameyang will have to immediately pay dividends as the club has signed various experienced players to help balance out the youth movement left behind with the departure of key figures like Lionel Messi.

During the press conference of his presentation Aubameyang referred to his time at Arsenal and pointed the finger at one man, Mikel Arteta. Here is what Aubameyang had to say.

Aubameyang on Arteta during Barcelona press conference

Aubameyang stated: "My last few months were complicated, that's football sometimes. I never wanted to do anything wrong. My problem was only with Arteta. I can't say much more, I wasn't happy. It was just him and he made that decision. He wasn't happy, I can't tell you more. He wasn't very happy; I was very calm."

For Aubameyang, Barcelona is a chance to reboot his image after being sidelined due to discipline issues and being late to practices at Arsenal. At the press conference Aubameyang also mentioned playing for Barcelona is “a chance to win the Champions League”.