It cost him his spot in the France national team for six years and now it took €230,000 ($257,000) from his bank account. The Mathieu Valbuena private tape extorsion case put Karim Benzema in the eye of the storm for a long time before his conviction and it recently took another jab at him.

The Real Madrid forward was accused of blackmailing his former French teammate by acting as a middleman between the player and the blackmailers. In November 2021, Benzema was found guilty and sentenced to a one-year suspended jail sentence for complicity in a blackmail plot against Valbuena over an intimate video.

The 34-year-old was also ordered to pay a fine as a compensation for legal costs and damages produced on Valbuena for his alleged role in this case. Benzema appealed against the verdict at the time but had been forced to pay now, although he will reportedly appeal again.

Benzema forced to pay €230,000 in compensation over Valbuena tape blackmail case

According to Le Parisien, Karim Benzema was seized €230,000 from his bank account over his last year conviction in the blackmail case as he didn't pay the fines voluntarily. The report adds that Valbuena's lawyers could have had the striker's accounts frozen if he didn't pay.

"These are the logical consequences of the immediate payment decision. We asked for an out-of-court payment that never happened, so we have moved on to the next step,” said Valbuena’s lawyer Paul-Albert Iwen, per AFP, as quoted by As. Benzema's lawyers have professed his innocence all these years and are expected to appeal this latest decision as well.

On the pitch, things are going much better for the Frenchman. Benzema has scored 24 goals in 28 appearances for Real Madrid this season, while he has been on the scoresheet nine times since he was recalled to the France national team last year.