Rio Ferdinand made headlines by suggesting that Lionel Messi unfollowed Alejandro Garnacho on Instagram because of the Manchester United star’s devotion for Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, even Garnacho’s brother Roberto reacted to the former defender’s comments.

“Fake , Messi never followed him , stop making stuff up just to create hate , garna loves and admires both of them and you all Trying to creating a rivalry. I’ve even seen videos of Messi showing the World Cup to garna , mate if u knew how we celebrated it at home,” he wrote on X (Twitter).

The English legend eventually noticed how much noise his comments made, which is why he also took to social media to set the record straight. First he replied to an account about Argentine soccer, before he addressed Garnacho’s brother directly.

Sarcasm guys… relax,” Ferdinand replied to @AlbicelesteTalk. “Was sarcasm bro…,” he told Roberto Garnacho, who later made it clear his message wasn’t directed at Ferdinand.

Roberto Garnacho doesn’t blame Rio Ferdinand

Garnacho’s younger brother reacted to Ferdinand’s reply, claiming he wasn’t blaming the Red Devils icon for the report. Not even saying that just for you , you even saying u have been told that , I’m talking in general abt all the people who is doing that.

Roberto Garnacho later replied to his own tweets as a thread, letting everyone know he has no grudges with Ferdinand. “Wow , This isn’t even targeted to Rio specifically it was just the incorrect info on Garna’s name about this from many people in general, wanted to just make it clear!”

What did Ferdinand say about Garnacho and Messi?

Ferdinand had previously said Garnacho told him Lionel Messi unfollowed him on Instagram because he’s a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“You know what I like about him? He doesn’t give a f***. Garnacho told me that Messi unfollowed him just because he makes no secret of preferring Ronaldo. He comes out, don’t care, ‘I’m a Ronaldo man’. Who’s the GOAT? Ronaldo. (Even) when he’s in the Argentina squad,” Ferdinand said on his Vibe with Five YouTube channel, via Goal.

But Garnacho’s brother and many soccer fans later pointed out that Messi never followed the Spanish-born winger in the first place. It’s not a secret that Garnacho looks up to Ronaldo, but he’s also a big admirer of Messi.