In what was going to be the first of the semifinals of Path A of the Europa Qualifiers, Ukraine had to face Scotland looking for a place in the finals that would allow them to be one of the 13 UEFA qualifiers for the next World Cup Qatar 2022 However, it was decided to postpone this game. Find the reasons here.

Ukraine won their right to play these playoffs after finishing second in the group whose strongest team was France, who won 5 games and tied 3. For their part, the Ukrainians won 2 and tied 6, finishing like the French undefeated and only 1 point above Finland. The Ukrainians hoped to play the World Cup once again as they did in 2006.

In the case of Scotland, for the first time in several years they presented a decent team, which after years of failed attempts, were able to win their place in the playoffs (it is worth clarifying that they were lucky to have a group with very mediocre teams). Although little was expected of this team whose most "successful" period was 50 years ago (and only because they qualified for the World Cups, not precisely because they had a good participation in them), it was a golden opportunity for a poor Scottish team.

Why was the World Cup Qualifying game postponed?

The soccer regulatory authorities in Ukraine, due to the war in the country, have asked to postpone this qualifying game against Scotland. FIFA of course agreed to the request made by the Ukrainian authorities. It is not yet clear on what date this match corresponding to the Path A semifinals could be played.