Robert Lewandowski established himself as one of, if not the best striker in world soccer during his tenure at Bayern Munich. In eight years with the Bavarians, the Pole star recorded an impressive 344 goals in 375 games.

This summer, Lewandowski pushed hard to leave the club before entering the final year of his contract. It took some time, but Bayern eventually gave in and let him join FC Barcelona.

Xavi Hernandez got the signing he wanted, and it's already paying off. Lewandowski is living up to the expectations early in the season, and he's sending Barca fans wild with his hallmark celebration.

Why Robert Lewandowski celebrates his goals by clenching fists

What is characteristic of his goalscoring celebration is the fact that he clenches his fists in front of his chest. Finally, the player has revealed one of his biggest secrets to his fans. 

In an interview with Focus Magazine, Bayern's main star explained what is behind his famous celebration that marks every goal scored: "My daughter used to hold hands like that when she was two years old, so I started imitating her, and it stuck."