College football had one program dominating the game the last two years. This stint didn’t have the Alabama Crimson Tide at the top as it usually happens. Instead, the Georgia Bulldogs were the team that set the standard with Kirby Smart as their head coach.

Their offense has been very consistent being led by quarterback Stetson Bennett. However, the player picked by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2023 NFL Draft wasn’t the main reason for their success.

Georgia was able to win two NCAA National Championships in consecutive years mostly because they had excellent defenses. Despite getting a lot of starting pieces drafted in 2022, they remained an elite unit thanks to talents like Jalen Carter leading the way.

Why did the Georgia Bulldogs reject the invitation to visit the White House?

Champions in professional sports are invited to the White House after they celebrate. This time it was going to happen the same with college teams on June 12, although the university declined the invitation for scheduling issues.

“The University of Georgia first received on May 3 an invitation for the Bulldog football team to visit the White House on June 12. Unfortunately, the date suggested is not feasible given the student-athlete calendar and time of year. However, we are appreciative of the invitation and look forward to other opportunities for Georgia teams moving forward”, the University of Georgia wrote in a statement, according to Seth Emerson of The Athletic. Last year they didn’t visit the White House either for Covid-related problems back then.