True boxing fans are once again livid at the fact that Jake Paul will get to continue pretending to be a professional fighter, as the YouTuber and internet personality somehow managed to stay on his feet on the ring again.

The rapper and actor once again picked up a fight with a guy that he knew he'd beat, making millions out of the pure sake of killing this beautiful sport. This time, his victim was Ben Askren, a former wrestler and MMA fighter who was never known for being much of a striker.

Paul hit the ground running right out of the gate, working Askren with his jab against his head and body. The outcome - as everybody expected - was a suspicious first-round knockout, with the former Bellator star not even knowing where he was standing, or at least making it seem that way.

Jake Paul Wins Again, Knocks Out Ben Askren: Funniest Memes And Reactions

Askren went down hard just a couple of minutes into the fight and - as per usual - social media was full of clips and reactions to this 'fight'. Here, we show you some of the most hilarious we could find:

Jake Paul is now 3-0 with 3 knockouts on his short 'career' as a 'professional boxer' after beating fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, humiliating former NBA player Nate Robinson, and now beating a former wrestler who had no business even getting on that ring.

We can't deny that Paul is pretending to take his competition up a notch, from an internet personality to an actual athlete, to a guy who used to fight for a living - although on a completely different sport.

Now, I guess the next step for him would be to fight an actual professional boxer, which seems unlikely unless the guy has been retired for 15+ years or is missing one or both of his arms.

And they wonder why boxing's dying.