The US Open 2021 was arguably one of the best tournaments of the tennis season. Despite the absence of beloved players like Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams, New York crowds have witnessed the rise of some young stars like Carlos Alcaraz, Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez. 

However, it’s fair to say that Fernandez was one of the biggest surprises of the tournament. While Alcaraz and Raducanu have made noise in previous tournaments, this 19-year-old practically came from nowhere and beat two top 5 (Naomi Osaka and Elina Svitolina). She failed in her first Grand Slam final against Raducanu, but her run is still impressive. 

Fernandez’s game is captivating. She plays near the baseline, is consistent and knows how to take the initiative, always going forward. Also, watching her is inevitable to feel this sense of freedom and fun that, unfortunately, is often missed in professional tennis. Here, check out some facts about this teen sensation. 

How old is Leylah Fernandez? 

Leylah Fernandez is 19 years old. She just celebrated her birthday on September 6. If she wins the US Open, she will enter the top 10 of youngest female Grand Slams champions of the Open Era. 

Who is Leylah Fernandez’s dad? 

Like many other tennis players, Fernandez is also coached by her dad, Jorge Fernández, who was a professional soccer player and then decided to learn tennis to train his daughters: Leylah and her younger sister Bianca. 

During her run in the US Open, Leylah has been clear that his father's training and strategy is vital for her good results. “He just gives me the strategy and he trusts me enough to go and play the best way that I can," she said in an interview with ESPN. 

What is Leylah Fernandez’s ethnicity? 

Leylah Fernandez was born in Montreal, Canada. However, her father is Ecuadorian and her mother Irene Exevea is a Canadian with Filipino origins. Leylah Fernandez can speak three languages: French, English and Spanish. 


What is Leylah Fernandez’s WTA ranking? 

Leylah Fernandez is currently the No. 66 in the WTA ranking. However, her incredible runat the US Open 2021 will make her climb a number of positions and she will be No.28 from Monday. Her best ranking so far has been No. 66 in the world (June, 2021). 

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