In a recent Twitter game, Taylor Fritz, the American tennis hopeful, raised eyebrows by curiously leaving out the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and newly-crowned Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz when constructing his ideal ATP tennis player. Fritz opted to create a unique combination by selecting specific attributes from other players.

Fans were invited to participate by choosing different elements from various big-name stars to create the ultimate tennis player based on various categories, each assigned a value ranging from $5 to $1. Participants had a maximum budget of $18 to select players with the best serve, forehand, backhand, net play, and movement.

Fritz’s choices took a surprising turn as he crafted his dream player, leaving out the Big 3 and the rising tour leader. In the world of tennis, creating the perfect player sparks spirited debates among fans, and his distinctive choices certainly added fuel to the discussion. He was open to only minimal adjustments following the backlash he received.

Fritz leaves Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal out his perfect player

Everyone has a different opinion on who the best player ever is, but is universally accepted that is either one of the Big 3. However, Fritz didn’t choose any of the skills that the three legends have in this fun exercise.

Fritz selected the serving ability of John Isner, the forehand of Andrey Rublev, the backhand of Alexander Zverev, the net game of Dan Evans, and the on-court movement of Gael Monfils.  However, he showed willingness to reconsider his selection, acknowledging the possibility of including Alcaraz and Matteo Berrettini by swapping Evans’ net play for that of David Ferrer.

“Give me John serve, Rublev forehand, Zverev backhand, Evans net game, Monfils movement and it’s OVER … anyone who disagrees is just wrong”, Fritz posted first. He was then willing to make a slight change: “The only alternative il accept is going Ferrer for 1$ to take Berrettini forehand and Alcaraz movement”.