Peso Pluma is currently one of the biggest names in music after his single Ella Baila Sola has taken over almost every chart in the world. The young singer is a sensation thanks to extraordinary collaborations with celebrities such as Becky G, Marshmello, Nicky Nicole, Natanael Cano and Luis Conriquez.

As a result, Peso Pluma was reported to be chosen by legendary boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez to sing the Mexican anthem before his fight against John Ryder at Estadio Akron in Guadalajara.


It was going to be a massive event in the boxing night as the top stars for Mexico in sports and music would be together for a spectacular introduction. However, that won't happen. Read here to check out the reasons why Peso Pluma is out of the protocol.

Did Peso Pluma sing the Mexican anthem in Canelo Alvarez vs John Ryder fight?

During a press conference before the fight against John Ryder, Saul Canelo Alvarez was asked if it was true that Peso Pluma would perform the Mexican anthem. Canelo is famous for giving young and relatively unknown artists the chance to do it and that's why Beto Vega is his final decision for a very important part of the protocol. 

"No, he won't be (Peso Pluma). The one who will do me the honor of singing the anthem is Beto Vega. Anything else is a surprise. Obviously, it's going to be focused on Jalisco and in Canelo, but, that's a surprise. However, the chosen one for the national anthem is Beto Vega."


However, Peso Pluma has been confirmed as a special guest during the broadcast for Televisa, the biggest TV network in Mexico. Whether he'll sing there or even make an unexpected appearance with Canelo prior to the fight is yet to be seen. Though he won't perform the anthem, it seems that everything is still possible.