It seems that Jake Paul's impact on boxing has manifested itself much more outside the ring than inside it. For example, the famous Youtuber has just scored a real knockout in his role as a promoter when the mega fight between his protégé Amanda Serrano and Irish Katie Taylor, who, apparently, does not think very highly of him. 

What will happen on April 30 at New York's Madison Square Garden is simply historic. It is the first time a women's boxing fight will be the main event of the night. And no wonder, since both Taylor, who works with promoter Eddie Hearn, and Serrano are two of the best Pound for Pound female boxers.

Another fact that reinforces the mega-fight status, perhaps the biggest in the history of women's boxing, is the purse that both Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will earn. Jake Paul was in charge of revealing that one of the objectives that were sought at the time of making this fight is that both the Irish and Puerto Rican women will earn more than 1 million dollars for starring in this fight for all the World Lightweight Female Champion titles.

Katie Taylor's thoughts on Jake Paul's boxing career

So far, Jake Paul has 5 sanctioned fights as a professional in boxing, he has won all of them, four of them by knockout. However, none of the opponents with whom The Problem Child has exchanged blows in the ring is an active professional boxer. That's when Katie Taylor's opinion of him comes crashing down, considering what Paul might say about his bout against Amanda Serrano.

"As far as Jake Paul, this isn't a game, this is actually a real fight. He's never been involved in a fight like this and he never will be involved in a fight like this. So this is actually a genuine, real fight and he knows nothing about this", stated Taylor for DAZN Boxing.

Jake Paul's answer to Katie Taylor

It is known that the ring in which Jake Paul performs best is social media. There he reacted to what Taylor said about the validity of his opinions on boxing in general, clearly alluding to the fact that he has yet to face any active professional boxers. 

"Katie I appreciate you thanking me for making this fight happen at a level Eddie never could. But the only thing real is you, your team and Eddie talk a lot of shit but can’t back it up. Respect on your legacy. But Amanda Serrano is the greatest female boxer of all time. And New.", posted the Problem Child on Twitter.