Since COVID-19 spread massively on earth things changed forever in Sports. Restrictions, health measures, and even postponements and cancellations happened where, before, it was impossible to imagine anything capable of stopping the event's flow. Boxing fans may be close to missing one of the most anticipated fights of the year due to the virus. 

So far in 2022, there have been, at least, three good clashes that have suffered modifications or, even more, have been canceled due to COVID-19 contagion. The first of these situations occurred on the very first boxing card of the year. Canelo Alvarez teammate, Frank Sanchez lost his rival Carlos Negron had to be replaced by German Christian Hammer. The result was a very boring fight as Hammer was not in shape. 

The first 2022 World title fight suffered the pandemic force. WBO World Light heavyweight Joe Smith Jr was supposed to defend his belt from British Callum Johnson, however, the contender was pulled out of 9 days before the main date, again, because of a COVID-19 contagion. Jesse Vargas vs Liam Smith didn't have the same luck as Vargas infection cause of the cancelation of the bout scheduled for February 5. 

The mega-fight that could not happen owing to COVID-19

For many boxing fans and experts, the most anticipated fight for the first trimester of 2022 was the third clash between Juan Francisco Gallo Estrada and Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez. The supremacy of the Super flyweight division was at stake; also the WBA World title of the 115 pounds category.

However, according to Levi Luna, Nicaraguan journalist, the fight between the Mexican and the Nicaraguan titans could not be held on March 5 as it was anticipated. The reason is a COVID-19 contagion of Gallito Estrada in the early days of January 2022.

Luna said that the current WBA World Super flyweight Champion had tough symptoms like fever and cough. Then, after coming back to training on January 17, Estrada's body has not performed as he expected, so the Mexican's team might have taken the decision to postpone the clash against Chocolatito Gonzalez. However, a medical statement of Estrada and Matchroom Boxing is expected to be released soon to clarify the situation.

Juan Francisco Estrada has lost his first fight against Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez in 2012 by the way of a unanimous decision. Then, in 2021, both have clashed again, being the Mexican boxer the winner with a controversial split decision. In this bout, Estrada and Gonzalez have set the record of the major amount of punches thrown in a 115-pound fight, with 2,500 blows.