In an unprecedented and highly-anticipated event, the worlds of boxing and MMA collide as UFC veteran Francis Ngannou gears up for his first-ever boxing match against Tyson Fury. Adding to the excitement, legendary boxer Mike Tyson has thrown his weight behind Ngannou’s boxing abilities, igniting anticipation for a thrilling clash of the titans.

As the news of Ngannou’s boxing debut broke, fight fans were initially unsure whether the bout would be an exhibition or a full-fledged professional match. However, the confirmation that it will be a ten-round affair has only heightened the stakes and captured the attention of the combat sports community.

The matchup between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury marks a historic moment in combat sports history. For the first time, the lineal heavyweight champion of boxing will go head-to-head with the lineal heavyweight champion of the UFC. The clash promises to be a spectacle of power, skill, and strategy, unlike anything seen before.

Mike Tyson’s Belief in Ngannou’s Boxing Prowess

“He’s had many professional fights, but he’s never experienced a professional boxing match,” Mike Tyson stated referring to Francis Ngannou in the interview with First Take of ESPN. “But by working with him, he has the aptitude, and I see a good future in this life. It’s not going to be as one-sided as people think it is. “

According to Tyson, despite Ngannou’s lack of experience in professional boxing matches, he possesses the aptitude and skills to excel in the sport. Tyson’s confidence in Ngannou’s boxing prowess stems from witnessing the heavyweight’s dedication and determination during their training sessions.

The clash between Ngannou and Fury promises to be an unforgettable spectacle. Tyson continued his explanation about working with Ngannou: I asked him ‘Are you sore today?’, he said ‘No’. That was a big mistake. But, we’re going to work and we’re going to exert everything he has for this particular match. I definitely believe that it’s going to be a tougher fight than anyone thinks”.