In the second half of the 1980s and early 1990s, it was clear who was the baddest man on the planet, and that was Mike Tyson. A true boxing legend, who became an icon of the sport based on his ferocity in the ring, the explosion of his media image... and his scandals.

Iron Mike wrote his name in the history of the Heavyweight division thanks to his 58 fights, of which he won 50, lost 6 and 2 ended in No Contest. Of his victories, 75 percent of them were by knockout, that is, 44 of them. 

At the time, Mike Tyson was the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, being the holder of all the belts of his era (WBC, WBA and IBF). Likewise, the Brooklyn native was a two-time World Champion when he regained the WBC and WBA belts in 1996 after losing them in 1990 to James Buster Douglas

Mike Tyson acknowledges his greatest fear

The era of podcasts and YouTube channels has allowed big sports stars, like Mike Tyson, to address topics that would have been denied before journalistic platforms. Thus, in his podcast Hot Boxin', Mike opened his heart and in the company of his therapist confessed what his greatest fear is.

"I'm so afraid of being so violent. I can't control my violence. Does that make any sense to you? I'm Mike Tyson and I'm terribly afraid of everything. All I know is to attack and don't believe me I hate myself," the legendary former world champion noted through tears.

Likewise, Iron Mike touched the subject of the incident he had last April, where he beat up a passenger of the plane he was flying in after he was provoking him moments before: "I shouldn't have done that, but I was tired, irritated, stoned and angry. I really don't want to hurt anyone," said Tyson, who was not charged for his violent reaction.