Major League Baseball is happy after the 2023 World Baseball Classic met all expectations and much more during this edition. The decision not to hold the tournament in 2020 was the best for WSBC and MLB.

Unfortunately United States were unable to defend their 2017 title and lost to Japan 3-2 in what was the best game of the entire tournament.

The biggest favorites went as far as they could, only a 'small' team, Cuba, could reach the knockout stage (semifinals) where they were eliminated by United States.

When will the next World Baseball Classic be played?

The date for the next World Baseball Classic was confirmed by Commissioner Rob Manfred, he said that the tournament will be held again in 2026. It was rumored that the MLB and the WSBC were going to wait until 2027 but after all it was not like that.

Most of the 2023 WBC teams are expected to play in the upcoming tournament, but it is likely that some teams will be replaced by another national team. March (Spring) is the perfect date to play the classic because the MLB season would already be over, but at the same time it tends to be a somewhat dangerous date due to injuries a few weeks before the start of the new MLB season.