An Oral Trial Court of Saltillo, Coahuila, in Mexico, has sentenced former MLB pitcher Sergio Mitre to 50 years of prison. The Mexican American two times New York Yankees player is accused of raping and murdering Ines, the 22-months-old daughter of his former girlfriend, in 2020.

The Toddler died on July 12, 2020, after a hypovolemic shock. Saltillo authorities said the girl suffered injuries all over her body, including a skull fracture, and also presented signals of sexual assault, all of these according to Mexican magazine Proceso and Daily Mail.

As a consequence, Sergio Mitre was arrested on July 15 2020 and has been imprisoned since then in Coahuila, Mexico. But it was until 2022 that he received his final sentence of 50 years in prison, an economic compensation of 63,000 dollars for the victim's mother and former girlfriend, and a public apology. Mitre's attorneys said that there were appealing the conviction, according to Vanguardia MX.

Sergio Mitre's gray career in MLB

Having debuted in 2003, the Los Angeles native pitcher had an inconsequential career in American baseball. He was selected from Major League Baseball Draft in 2021 by Chicago Cubs but could not become a regular player and was finally traded to Florida Marlins in 2005.

When it seemed Sergio Mitre had found his place in MLB he suffered from several injuries that forced him to stop for many months and was released in 2008. Then he signed a minor-league contract with New York Yankees but was suspended due to androstenedione positive. 

His story with the Yankees got better after being allowed to play again. He earned a World Series ring in 2009 even he has not been included on the postseason roster. In March 2011 he was traded to Milwaukee Brewers but came back to New York three months later and have just had few appearances. 

Mitre decided to retire after playing in Japan and not being able to overcome his shoulder injury. However, in 2017 he came back to the field in the Mexican Baseball League and then in the Mexican League. At the time of his imprisonment, he was playing for Saltillo Saraperos, which has dropped him due to his legal problems in 2020.