It's crazy how much money athletes are making today but, have you ever wondered how much MLB managers make? MLB managers' salaries are way below what athletes make. I mean, at the end of the day, the masterminds behind a franchise's success should also get paid big money, don't you think?

You know how it goes. It's always the coach's fault when things aren't going well but only players get the credit when the ship is back in track. Even so, there have been some MLB managers that have earned a lot of recognition - and money - for the way they've led their teams to the highest standards.

So, in case you were wondering about an MLB coach salary thinking they make a lot of money, we hate to be the ones to tell you that it isn't that impressive. That, unless you're one of the guys we're about to mention as we list the highest MLB manager salaries in the history of baseball.

5. Ned Yost

Salary: $3.7 million
Team: Kansas City Royals (2020)
Record: 1,203–1,341
Accolades: 2x World Series Champion (1995, 2015)

Ned Yost has found way more success as a coach and manager than as a player. His playing career only lasted 5 years but he's been always closely tied to the game. Now, he's one of the world's highest-earning coaches.

Yost turned the Royals into a perennial contender and even led them to an unlikely World Series triumph in 2015, their second ever and first in 30 years. He's expected to make $3.7 million dollars in 2020.

4. Terry Francona

Salary: $4.2 million
Team: Cleveland Indians (2020)
Record: 1,667–1,409
Accolades: 2× World Series champion (2004, 2007), 2× AL Manager of the Year (2013, 2016)

Terry Francona has proven to be one of the greatest masterminds in the history of baseball. He's got a bit of the Midas' touch when it comes to developing winning cultures wherever he's gone.

That's why the Cleveland Indians don't mind paying him $4.2 million a year in hopes he can replicate the success he had at Fenway Park. He's going to be highly coveted once his contract runs out.


3. Mike Scioscia

Salary: $6 Million
Team: Los Angeles Angels (2018)
Record: 1,650–1,428
Accolades: World Series Champion (2002), 2× AL Manager of the Year (2002, 2009)

Mike Scioscia found plenty of success during his playing days with the Dodgers and brought that winning spirit with him to the Los Angeles Angels, the team he coached for 18 seasons and led to a World Series triumph in 2002.

Scioscia, like all coaches who spend that much time in one place, endured plenty of ups and downs throughout his career but he clearly earned the right to have the highest MLB manager salary ever.

2. Joe Maddon

Salary: $6 Million
Team: Chicago Cubs (2019)
Record: 1,225–1,045
Accolades: 3× Manager of the Year (2008, 2011, 2015), 2× World Series champion (2002, 2016)

Joe Maddon is a top-tier manager. He develops talent and really knows how to make his players better, and that's why the Chicago Cubs agreed to pay him $6 million dollars when he coached them from 2015-19.

Maddon's contract ran out and he's now set to make $4 million a year with the Los Angeles Angels ($12 million total), hoping he can replicate the success he had at Wrigley Field when he put an end to the curse of the Billy Goat.

1. Bruce Bochy

Salary: $6 Million (2019)
Team: San Francisco Giants
Record: 2,003–2,029
Accolades: 3× World Series champion (2010, 2012, 2014), NL Manager of the Year (1996)

The San Francisco Giants hadn't won a World Series since 1954. Then Bruce Bochy came along and turned them into one of the winningest, most respected franchises in MLB for the next 12 years.

Bochy earned every single one of those $6 million dollars. He led the team to 3 World Series titles in five seasons and retired as the 11th manager with most wins in MLB history. He's a legend.