The 2022 Major League Baseball offers a total of 162 games that will be available on TV and the Internet through live streaming services. More than seven networks are in charge of broadcasting the games in the United States, fans prefer big TVs to watch the games but other fans need and want online streaming.

Live stream services are relatively inexpensive compared to what it costs MLB.TV to watch single team games or all teams during the season. Some streaming services are better than others but in general they all get the job done.

The Dodgers and Blue Jays are the big favorites of the 2022 MLB season and it is likely that one of those two teams will win the World Series but anything could happen especially knowing the top 5 rotations for this season.

What are the best live stream services to watch the MLB in 2022?

FuboTV is one of the most complete live stream services that currently exist since it is focused on sports but also offers subscribers a complete library of TV shows and movies. Most of the MLB games will be available on FuboTV through their different stream channels (CBS, Fox, etc.).

Peacock offers only MLB sunday morning games, in total this streaming service will offer only 18 exclusive games during the season. Peacock also has other sports available such as Soccer, Basketball and more.

Apple TV+ is the perfect option for baseball fans who want to watch games with exclusive, mostly female announcers who will be broadcasting games only on Fridays with what will be known as Friday Baseball Night. 

Does the MLB blackout affect live streaming services?

Yes, some subscribers will not be able to watch certain MLB games due to the blackout but generally most games are available on live streaming services like FuboTV which is the most dominant service with the most games available.