The New York Yankees have one of the best hitters in the MLB and the best thing is that Aaron Judge is young and has much more to give for the next ten years. But beyond the personal records, it is important that the Yankees and Judge win the World Series titles.

Judge was one of the big favorites to lead the Top 10 MLB Home Runs rankings since the first day of the 2022 MLB season. Other players were close to the number one spot but as soon as Judge got to that spot no one could be a threat to him.

The home run derby was fun but Aaron Judge did not play during the event as he was recovering from an injury and did not want to take any chances.

Who is the other MLB player with more than 60 home runs in the 21th century?

Aaron Judge set an unforgettable record with more than 60 home runs, but he wasn't the only MLB player to hit more than sixty. Another player, known as Barry Bonds set  a big record in 2001 with 73 home runs.

The only players this century who have come close to hitting 60 home runs were Giancarlo Stanton with 59 in 2017, Ryan Howard in 2006 with 58 home runs, and Alex Rodriguez with 57 in 2002. 

Each season it is more difficult to reach that big number home runs since the pitchers are more lethal and it is no longer so easy to hit a big record. Good hitters also have a good batting average percentage and are among the Top 10 RBI leaders.