It goes without saying that Trevor Bauer is one of the best pitches in Major League Baseball. However, his hot start to the season has taken a turn lately with consecutive losses. Then again, he's not the only one to blame, as Reds' stud Joey Votto has had his fair share of struggles as well.

Votto made a costly mistake in a routine play that led to the Pittsburgh Pirates scoring three runs and taking the lead vs. Bauer. The pitcher, who's known around the league for his antics and losing his temper, just couldn't handle it anymore.

A dugout camera caught Trevor Bauer losing his mind and screaming his lungs off, with Votto taking the beating. That's why he was quick to clear the air on the situation and claim that there was nothing going on even though they were frustrated by the poor effort.

Joey Votto clears the air over Trevor Bauer's rant

“I think we're all fired up about things not going well. I mean, we are doing well, and [Bauer] was throwing well and these are all crucial games right now. As we see, every little bit matters, and we ended up coming up short yesterday on a game that had we played it clean, probably would have finished with the win. And [we] would have left the day with two wins, and we just came up completely short. And that's not just him. There's a lot of people inside of our clubhouse space that feel that very same way," Votto told MLB.

The Reds have had plenty of ups and downs throughout the season and having their best player making childish mistakes is definitely going to hurt their chances, especially if they have their ace on the mound. Hopefully, that will no longer be the case for the second half of the season.