It’s a sad day for baseball fans. The MLB started canceling 2022 Regular Season games, the first two series so far, after they and the MLB Players Association did not reach an agreement for a new collective bargaining deal. 

The MLB made what it called its "final" and “best” offer Tuesday afternoon, which was unanimously rejected by the union. After the 5 PM deadline, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced that teams will not play their first two scheduled series on the original 2022 schedule.

According to journalist Stephen Pianovich, this leaves the door open for an Opening Day as early as April 8, but that would require a deal in the coming days. Meanwhile, the players contingent is leaving Florida after nine days of negotiations with the league

MLB Regular Season is delayed: Funniest memes and reactions 

Of course, fans didn’t receive the news well, especially after it was expected that the two parts would reach an agreement. It’s been three months since the owners started their self imposed lockout and, so far, it’s been impossible to find common ground with the players on multiple fronts. Here, check out the funniest memes and reactions.