In baseball, strikeouts, stolen bases and catches play a huge part, but Home Runs usually hog the spotlight. The game isn't defined by them, of course, and throughout the innings many other interesting actions take place. But it would be safe to say that these long distance hits that go out of the park are among the most attractive things that bring fans into the stadiums.

The Major League Baseball has had many historic players who were intimidating in the plate due to their magic with the bat. Even though back in time the baseball community may have not seen so many balls out of the park as nowadays, Home Runs have been always part of the core of this game. 

In any MLB game in which a player sends the ball to the stands, it's normal to see fans immediately leaving whatever it's in their hands to fight for the landing ball. Hitting a HR may require a bit of luck sometimes, but many superstars excelled in the job with a powerful arm that had nothing to do with luck. Here, check out who holds the record for the most MLB Home Runs.

Who is the MLB Home Run King?

Baseball legend Barry Bonds holds the record for the most Home Runs in the MLB with 762. That figure places him atop the all-time list, although many purists have been reluctant to give Bonds such recognition as he was singled out for using performance-enhancing substances to perform better.

However, the 14-time MLB All-Star also had the most Home Runs in a single season with 73 in 2001. Many other iconic big names find themselves among the greatest home run hitters as well. Hank Aaron was just seven hits throwing the ball out of the park away from Bonds' mark with 755 total HRs.

One of the best athletes in history and a sports hero, Babe Ruth had 714 home runs in his career, holding the record for more than 30 years, now being the third best. Amassing such an amount of HRs is not for anyone. From active players, Albert Pujols has the most career home runs with 665 in his 20 year-spell in the league.