We're six weeks into the 2021 Major League Baseball season, which means that a lot of fans have already overreacted about their team's bad or good start. The Dodgers have struggled, the Tigers continue to be the Tigers, and so on.

For the first time in years, it seems like this will be quite a competitive season, with multiple ball clubs going toe-to-toe and proving that they can compete on a nightly basis while just a handful of them is already thinking about the draft.

That's why experts from MLB.com continue to update the season's Power Rankings, so if you didn't have enough time to watch games last season can know at least how your team fared. This week, we have a new team sitting at the top: the Chicago White Sox.

MLB.com: Power Rankings After Week 6

30. Tigers (Number 30 last week)
29. Rockies (29)
28. Pirates (28)
27. Orioles (27)
26. Rangers (26)
25. Nationals (25)
24. D-backs (24)
23. Twins (22)
22. Royals (18)
21. Mariners (19)
20. Angels (23)
19. Marlins (21)
18. Cubs (20)
17. Reds (17)
16. Phillies (13)
15. Braves (16)
14. Brewers (14)
13. Rays (12)
12. Indians (15)
11. Mets (11)
10. Blue Jays (9)
9. A's (5)
8. Cardinals (6)
7. Yankees (8)
6. Giants (2)
5. Padres (4)
4. Astros (10)
3. Dodgers (7)
2. Red Sox (1)
1. White Sox (3)

There's still plenty of time left and things are likely to change until the end of the season. Trades, injuries, and even luck can take a toll on a team's aspirations. It's not like how you start the year but how you finish it.

So, good look to the Chicago White Sox and all the clubs that cracked the top 5, but there's still plenty of work to be done and a very long season ahead of them, so it's not the time to celebrate.