It ended just as quickly as it began, the New York Yankees 2021 postseason was all but over by the sixth inning against the Boston Red Sox. The final score was a 6-2 defeat after a rather erratic Yankees clawed their way into the MLB Playoffs. The Red Sox made short work of their rivals with two runs in the first and controlling the game throughout.

For the Yankees it was the culmination of yet another disappointing season, which saw them record a 92-70 record, with their best month being in August winning 21 and losing 8. The rest of the season was a seesaw battle to stay above .500 and watch their ace Gerrit Cole get taken to the cleaners by the Red Sox offense.

For Aaron Boone it is the end of a four-year contract, and he is the first question mark of a long list of question marks for the Bronx Bombers. Here is what Aaron Boone had to say after the New York Yankees were eliminated by the Boston Red Sox.

Aaron Boone on his return next season as New York Yankees manager

At the end of the shocking defeat to the Red Sox Boone admitted that he was at peace with what is to come, “All I can say is that I love doing this. I love doing this with this group. I felt incredibly supported from the organization, from ownership and GM and the front office on down. So, whatever happens moving forward, I’ll be at peace with it… I walk out of here tonight proud of what a lot of people have done here since I’ve been here. It’s a group that is a shared effort. I love going to battle with all these guys, these players, these coaches, support staff and front office. So, we’ll see what happens on that front, but whatever does happen, I am at peace with it. I know that I can hold my head high.”

Boone has a very respectable winning record of 328- 218 as manager of the Yankees, and he made the postseason in all four years in charge. But just making the playoffs is not enough in the Bronx and the farthest he got was the ALDS, losing to Boston twice in those four years. “I haven’t had any conversations with anyone about that,” when asked about his contract, “So we’ll see. I love being here. I love going to work with this group and love going to work with this group of players. But we’ll see.”