The Major League Baseball always tries to connect with fans in multiple ways and on special days, like Mother's Day, league players often wear pink shoes, socks, caps or bats to honor all the moms.

The pink color is a special edition for some days of the year that the MLB uses not only for Mother's Day but to raise awareness during celebrations and commemorations that are directly connected to women.

The first time that players wore pink with their uniforms was in 2001, at that time it was not something that the MLB did but that the players had to ask permission to wear pink during Mother's Day.

What are the days of the year that the MLB players wear pink?

Mother's Day in May is the first day of the year that MLB players wear pink, but another color that stands out during that day is grey. Not only the players, but also the umpires wear pink during the special day. Caps, jerseys and other pink accessories are often on sale for a limited time.

During the rest of the year the MLB players can wear pink if they wish, although it is not official the MLB also honors October as the month of the fight against breast cancer and the color pink takes its place among the players again.