As every season goes by, there is a lot of uncertainty about the next NBA generation that comes up to the league from the NBA Draft. Because in sports there is no way to predict if any player will be the next legend or he will live up to his expectations.

There are some special cases like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan who ended up changing the game forever. Although it is easier said than done, many young players can't live up to the expectations because of mindset, discipline, or even their own willing to succeed.

However, the NBA Draft class presented below, is among the greatest classes of All Time with more than 3 players that ended up being called up among the best players during a singular season. These players went above and beyond to sum up the highest All-Star selections.

Which NBA Draft class has the most All-Stars?

Among the NBA Draft classes, the 1996 NBA Draft might be one of the greatest yet. It features Four Hall of Famers, 10 All-Star players with a grand total of 64 All Star selections as four players with the MVP awards on their shelves.

For example, Allen Iverson as the first pick overall with 11 NBA All-Star selections, Kobe Bryant with the 13th pick overall has 18 NBA All-Star selections, the player with the most of them. Then, the fifth overall Ray Allen as a 10 time All-Star player and the 8-time All Star player Steve Nash to complete one of the most dominant classes of all time.