Steve Kerr's Golden State Warriors have more talent than the average NBA team. In fact, they have one of the best starting fives in terms of plus/minus, yet that hasn't done a lot to help them in their season.

Despite the injuries and scheduled rest days, the Dubs haven't looked at their best this season, even at full strength. It seems like you never know which version of them you're going to get, and their home/road splits are historically bizarre.

That was again at full display during their heartbreaking home loss to the Kevin Durant-less Brooklyn Nets. They led by as many as 17 points and were up by 12 with just six minutes less, just to lose by four.

NBA News: Stephen Curry Wants Warriors To Turn Things Around

“Losing sucks no matter what the reason is, losing is a terrible feeling and we hate it," Steph said postgame. "Being 23-24 past the halfway mark of the season, we’ve experienced a lot of it. We need to bottle it up and do something about it."

"Nobody’s like going to the rope, nobody’s thinking that we can’t do it. But that’s our challenge not being in a situation where every other night we’re explaining why didn’t get the job done," the guard continued.

There's no denying that talent isn't the problem in the Bay area, but something's got to change. Maybe Kerr is struggling to make timely adjustments, or maybe they need to address their lack of depth before the trade deadline.

Whatever the case, we know the Warriors are a team that's tailor-made for the postseason, and it would be tough to beat them in a seven-game series, even playing like this. But not even making the playoffs is guaranteed at this point, and it won't be until they turn things around.