Ja Morant has become a talking point around NBA circles as of late. The Memphis Grizzlies star is currently away from the team after several gun-related incidents took place in the past couple of months.

Multiple NBA veterans have reached out to Morant, urging him to grow up from this incident and stop putting his promising career at risk. There's just too much at stake for him at this point.

However, we already know that Gilbert Arenas isn't like most NBA veterans. Truth to form, the former All-Star took the situation as a joke, and trolled Morant once a leaked video of him at a strip club surfaced.

Gilbert Arenas Trolls Ja Morant With IG Post

(Transcript via Gilbert Arenas)

"Can all the media outlets apologize to #jamorant for the smear campaign they did by calling him a Thug ! this Family man,hero,Role model ,franchise player,future face of the league and now PHILANTHROPIST.

He is shown here Donating his money and time to A Local Historic Place called "Shotgun willies" that houses Missguilded females of the communitydue to the lack of funding from the city, the building AC was not working at the time which is why Morant shirt was seen off in this picture.

The 50k donation that MR morant provided had one of the local Community women so excited she jumped on Mr morant without his consent As u can see he was not touching the women nor enjoying what was going on,as for Mr Morant's live video, due to The large amount of currency displayed on the ground, A local #Denverite attempted To Rob this HISTORICAL place and MR Morant courageously put his life in harms way and DISARMED the Bandit Mr morant showed Great HEROISM the Mayor of denver "Michael B Hancock" dropped the investigation against Mr morant and now is thinking about giving him the key to the city for his bravery that night.

Can't wait to see Mr morant back on the Floor All hero's don't wear capes But Mr Morant does #standupcitizen."

Hopefully, Morant will come back better and mentally stronger for him. There's no need to act this way after signing a life-changing contract like him. But you have to admit that this caption is just hilarious.