No one can deny that Anthony Davis is one of the most impactful NBA players when he's at his best. He can guard the perimeter, block shots, create for others, and put up points like the best of them. 

That's why the Los Angeles Lakers didn't bat an eye or hesitate to trade most of their young players and draft picks to pair him with LeBron James three seasons ago. And it sure paid off in the bubble with a championship run.

But Davis has been a shell of himself ever since. Inconsistency, injuries, and a lack of aggressiveness have made people wonder whether he'll ever step up and become the Lakers' franchise player once LeBron is on his way out.

Stephen A. Smith Calls Anthony Davis Out

That's why ESPN's Stephen A. Smith urged Davis to finally play up to his contract and expectations and be more aggressive. He wants Davis to demand the ball instead of just taking what the defense gives him:

“The way Anthony Davis has been playing, how the hell do you take two shots in the fourth quarter against the Indiana Pacers?" Smith asked. "Remember, he wants to be the number one option. Remember, it’s something he’s demanded."

"Remember, it’s something that the Lakers have openly and publicly have acquiesced to…For me, I look at Anthony Davis, and I’m saying, ‘Ok, you wanna be that man? Demand the damn ball, get into some people’s faces, tell them to stop messing around and give you the damn ball," the analyst concluded.

Shaq Also Wants Davis To Step Up

Lakers legend Shaquille O'Neal has similar thoughts on Davis. He knows AD can carry an offense and he's done it before without LeBron. So, Shaq wants to see him be as aggressive when James is on the court as well:

“LeBron, he handles the ball a lot. Of course, when he’s not there, everybody’s gonna touch it, everybody’s gonna [touch] it and AD becomes the No. 1 source, the No. 1 go-to-guy. We've been saying for the last two years he should be the No. 1 go-to guy, anyway," Shaq said. "LeBron is gonna be LeBron but AD should demand the ball, take high-percentage shots and not always take a backseat to LeBron."

Some players aren't meant to lead, and that's ok. But the Lakers sure need a more vocal, more aggressive, and more active Davis if they want to stand a chance to turn this disappointing season around.