Back in the day, Russell Westbrook was one of the most admired players in the league. Unfortunately, Brodie's days are far behind him and now he can't seem to avoid the critics, even after leaving the Lakers.

Even though a change of scenery seemed to be the only thing he needed to revitalize his career, Westbrook struggled in his first games with the Los Angeles Clippers too. But now his team is back on track.

In fact, they even overcame a 50-point performance from Stephen Curry on Wednesday night. According to the Warriors superstar, Westbrook has a lot to do with the Clippers' resurgence. And he also revealed what makes him different.

Stephen Curry reveals Russell Westbrook's biggest strength

“I think he’s starting to figure out his role if that makes sense, and the way that he can impact their team no matter how teams are defending him," Curry told ClutchPoints. “It’s one of those you kind of have to think creatively because they have a very interesting group of guys on both ends of the floor that can play the game a lot of different ways.

“The one thing about Russ we all know is no matter what people say about him or how he’s playing, he competes,Curry added. “I know they love that about him. Every night, he shows up and plays hard. That’s something you can’t teach. It’s kind of a lost art these days.

The criticism on Westbrook has often been unfair. He may have his weaknesses, but we're still talking about a former MVP with something left in the tank. Fortunately, it looks like Brodie has finally found his place.