Stephen Curry, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are three names that will be remembered forever. The Golden State Warriors player recognizes the greatness of the quarterbacks and has reached them in order to get an optimistic advice about his career.

In the NFL, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have left their mark on an entire generation of fans. Their quality has led their teams to success and has brought great joy to those who follow them.

The same thing happened with Stephen Curry, but in the NBA. His Golden State Warriors have been completely dominant, but now he needs an advice from Brady and Rodgers as the more experienced players.

Stephen Curry asked Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers for an advice about his career

Steph Curry is currently playing his 14th season. The point guard is a 4-time NBA champion, but he still needs counseling in order to keep up the pace, so he asked Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers for some advices.

Speaking to ESPN, Curry revealed that he had spoken to Brady (45) and Rodgers (39) about how to continue playing past the age of 35. He knows that it is very different to do so in a quarterback position than as a point guard, but he wants their advice on the mentality required to achieve this.

“How I feel right now is not how I thought I’d feel at 35,” he told ESPN. “That number sounds crazy, but in my head, I feel like I got a lot left. The work I put into this I still enjoy. Who knows how [the future] looks? I talked to Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and other guys who have been on the other side of the halfway point.

“They really did a good job of disciplining themselves for what is happening in real-time. They’re 40 feeling like they can still play. I’m trying to stay in that mode. Thirty-five is a big milestone, but the next one is 40. The way I feel right now, who knows?”