A couple of days ago, Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce made all the headlines for the wrong reasons. He went on Instagram live after having way too much to drink, showing himself playing poker, drinking, and smoking blunts with multiple strippers.

The former NBA champion was completely unbothered the next morning and even joked about the incident. However, it was only a matter of time before his new employers had something to say about it.

As expected, ESPN decided to 'part ways with him effective immediately and with no comments', thus leaving him unemployed. Nonetheless, that didn't last for long, as an adult site has already reached out to him with a huge paycheck for his services.

Adult Side Cam Soda Offered Pierce $250,000 To Host An NBA Show With Strippers

(Transcript via CamSoda)

via CamSoda

"Dear Paul Pierce,

I saw the news that you have parted ways with ESPN after you posted a video to social media of yourself with exotic dancers. 

Being that you're now unemployed, I would like to extend you a position at CamSoda as our first-ever 'NBA Analyst'. As our NBA Analyst, you would be required to stream yourself live on our platform every week night and discuss happenings around the NBA. Inside the NBA be damned.

Here at CamSoda, we champion exotic dancers, cam girls and sex workers. We would be more than happy to accomodate your penchant for women and you'd be free to stream with them while they twerk in the background and more. 

We'd be willing to extend you an offer up to $250,000.

Get in touch with me and we can discuss details and hopefully reach an agreement.


Daryn Parker
CamSoda Vice President"

via Paul Pierce

The ex Brooklyn Net had already hinted that 'something big was coming' and that 'even when he loses he's winning', so it seems like he's thrilled about this opportunity to change career paths. All jokes aside, his behavior as an ESPN analyst was unacceptable, but it seems like he'll fit right away at this new gig.