Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years or so, chances are that you've heard of Stephen Curry. He became the face of the best team the NBA had seen in decades and is now consider the greatest shooter of all time.

Curry can explode for 30 points in the blink of an eye and his limitless-range make him one of the most unstoppable offensive juggernauts to ever live. He's changed the way the game is played and even how to play defense.

That's why Tyronn Lue knew that he had a lot of planning to do ahead of the Los Angeles Clippers clash with the Golden State Warriors, especially considering that Curry was coming off scoring 92 points in two games.

Tyronn Lue Says The Key To Stopping Stephen Curry Is Giving Him Different Looks

The Clippers knew that stopping Curry was going to be a tough task but they didn't shy away from the moment. In fact, they held him to just 13 points on 5/17 shooting and 1/6 from beyond the arc, and was pretty uncomfortable for most of the game.

So, when asked about what were the keys to stopping a player like Curry, the former Cleveland Cavaliers coach said that you simply had to give him as many different looks as you can to mess up with his rhythm:

“Steph’s a great player. I think you just gotta give him different looks. I talk about it all the time, when you’re dealing with a great player, I think you gotta mix your coverages up, gotta blitz him some, gotta switch some, maybe a little box-and-one, little everything just to keep him off-balance. Can't give him a steady balance of the same thing," Lue told the media, as quoted by ClutchPoints.

The Clippers doubled and triple-teamed Curry on almost every single possession. They tried to trap him in the backcourt from time to time and were just flat-out physical with them. Notably, it paid off as they left the building with a 108-101 win:

"Our philosophy is we want to try and take the best player out because we know that Steph can go for 60 just like he did the other day. So we wanna just make sure we trap him, keep a body on him, be physical with him, and with that being said, other guys are gonna have good games. I thought [Eric] Paschall was really good in that first half and [Andrew] Wiggins got a pretty good game going, but when you’re trying to take out the best player, other guys are gonna get opportunities and they stepped up and had a decent game," the coach concluded.

Now, the Clippers and Warriors will face off one more time so Tyronn Lue will have another chance to prove his point. Then again, keeping tabs on a scorer like Curry two games in a row will be easier said than done.