The Portland Trail Blazers continue to hold their stance regarding Damian Lillard’s trade situation. Simply put, they won’t send him to the Miami Heat unless they get an elite trade package in return.

The start of training camp is just around the corner, and this situation could become unsustainable, which is why other teams could look to swoop in and make a run at him.

That includes the Toronto Raptors. However, a report by NBA insider Ethan Skolnick states that he’s prepared to wreak havoc and make things ‘ugly’ if he’s traded there.

Damian Lillard Doesn’t Want To Play For The Raptors

“Toronto is a place that Dame would make it ugly,” Skolnick said on Five on the Floor. “He didn’t mention Chicago. He didn’t mention any other teams. He mentioned Toronto as a place that Dame would make it ugly. And I know for a fact, 100 percent, that this particular reporter has a great relationship with Dame’s agent and has for a very long time.”

Truth be told, it would be crazy to think that Lillard would want to play for the Raptors. No disrespect whatsoever, but they don’t stand a chance to win a ring right now, which is why he wants to leave Portland in the first place.

Lillard will continue to push and try to get his talents to South Beach, and the Heat will need to exhaust all avenues and do everything in their power to get a deal done.