Damian Lillard has finally gained the praise and recognition he deserves around the NBA. It took him a while, but people are starting to realize that he's one of the greatest scorers and leaders to ever do it.

Obviously, the lack of silverware and individual accolades have always hurt his case around the league. And that's why there's a bit of a campaign going on him as a potential candidate for this year's MVP.

So, following his 50-point explosion to lead the Portland Trail Blazers to an epic comeback vs. the New Orleans Pelicans, Lillard explained his case as to why he should be in the conversation and what drives him and motivates him to this day.

Damian Lillard Explains Why He Should Be This Year's MVP

“I wasn’t a highly touted middle school player, high school player or college player. I had to do my work behind the scenes, like you did, I had to earn my way. And I didn’t know that I was going to ever get the credit for it or ever get the results for it. So, I know what it’s like to be unknown and you know, not have the lights on you, and to want to be seen, and want a scholarship to a big school and things like that. I was behind the scenes doing the work. So, I don’t forget those steps that it took for me to get here," Lillard said.

Lillard is a fearless competitor and a guy that will never run from the grind. He's one of the most clutch players to ever set foot on an NBA hardwood, and the kind of leader that can will his team into the playoffs regardless of his supporting cast. Hopefully, he'll get more recognition and some help from his teammates to make a run at the NBA Finals as well.