The Golden State Warriors did one of the funniest things in the NBA offseason. They did keep Draymond Green ahead of Jordan Poole, but he still has a price to pay.

First, they paired him with a sworn enemy like Chris Paul. Now, they’ve also signed a player he and Klay Thompson ruthlessly badmouthed and mocked just a couple of seasons ago.

Back in 2021, the Warriors duo called out Detroit Pistons guard Rodney McGruder, who had a choice of words for the Dubs’ bench after a loss. Now, they’re teammates.

Klay Thompson And Draymond Green Ripped Rodney McGruder

“I don’t know, this guy might be out of the league pretty soon,” Thompson said in the broadcast. “He’s probably mad about that. Who knows? He’s over here checking my guy– trying to start something like he’s a good player or something. Bro, get out of here.”

That was nothing compared to what Green said in the aftermath of the win. He mocked McGruder and talked about how no one in the league thought of him as a tough guy:

“I don’t know, I was in the locker room. But apparently, he was taking up for Wayne Ellington,” Green said. “When the f–k did Rodney McGruder become the tough guy? I don’t know, man; everybody in the league tough these days… Walking over there talking s–t like he a tough guy. Get the hell outta here. F–king tough guy Rodney.”

Well, this is going to be awkward, but it should also be water under the bridge now. They’re all professionals, and they should know better at this point in their careers, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.