It's not a secret that the NBA is the rich and famous' favorite league. They never miss the chance to witness the greatest players in the world going at each other, especially come playoff time.

For years, J-Cole has been one of the most popular figures around the league. Not only he's friends with multiple stars but also he's a huge hoops fan and even participated in the league's celebrity All-Star Game.

That's why it wasn't surprising to see him name-dropping players like Stephen Curry or LeBron James in his long-awaited album 'The Off-Season'. Little did he know that he would be jinxing them. How's that? Let's see...

The J-Cole NBA Curse: A Breakdown

Dennis Smith Jr

Dennis Smith Jr. (Getty)

Lyric: "Now I'm at the Garden sittin' half-court watchin' Jr catch if off the backboard"
Song: Amari
Season Outcome: Traded, missed playoffs

Well, it's clear that Dennis Smith Jr and J-Cole are good friends. In fact, Smith used him as a prop in the 2019 All-Star Dunk Contest. There's no other reason for J-Cole to name-drop Smith, as his career in the NBA has been a failure.

More than that, the worst part of this lyric is that Smith isn't even going to be in the Garden anymore, as he was traded to the Detroit Pistons. Unsurprisingly, he didn't make much of an impact there either.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry. (Getty)

Lyric: "And they got the O's off, you reach, ni**a uppin' like Steph"
Song: 95 South
Season Outcome: Lost in the Play-in tournament, missed playoffs

Stephen Curry went completely nuclear this season. He was the hottest scorer in the league and there simply was no stopping him. As for the rest of his team, well, I guess it's a whole different story.

The Golden State Warriors lost both play-in tournament games and didn't make the playoffs despite finishing the season as the 8th seed. Steph was stellar as per usual but it just wasn't enough.

Ja Morant

Ja Morant. (Getty)

Lyric: "Ja Morant, I'm on my Grizzly"
Song: My Life
Season Outcome: First-round loss in the playoffs

Ja Morant made great strides this season and proved to the world that he's one of the most exciting and competitive players to watch in the league right now. He was, in fact, on his Grizzly throughout the season.

Nonetheless, the Memphis Grizzlies' overachieving season came to an early end when they met the NBA-best Utah Jazz in the first round of the playoffs. After taking the first game on the road, they lost 4 straight and were sent home.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook. (Getty)

Lyric: "Kill'em on a song walk up to the booth, do the Wesbtrook rock-a-baby"
Song: Amari
Season Outcome: First-round loss in the playoffs

Once again, Russell Westbrook had a historically great season. He became the league's all-time leader in triple-doubles and willed his team into playoff contention after a terrible start of the year.

Sadly, Westbrook's numbers weren't enough to lift the Washington Wizards past the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round. He was banged up and they never truly stood a chance against them.

LeBron James

LeBron James. (Getty)

Lyric: "Can't leave the game yet, feel like LeBron"
Song: 100 Mil
Season Outcome: First-round loss in the playoffs

LeBron James is far from done in this league. Just like J-Cole said in 100 Mil, he can't leave the game yet. He proved it by being an MVP candidate before suffering a high ankle injury that kept him on the shelf for months.

Not only was James clearly hurt when he was able to come back but also the Los Angeles Lakers couldn't beat the Phoenix Suns in the first round. That was the first time that LeBron James is sent home in the first round of the playoffs. Huge jinx.

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard. (Getty)

Lyric: "Ain't nothing I want more"
Song: Postgame interview sampled
Season Outcome: First-round loss in the playoffs

And last but not least, we find Damian Lillard, whose postgame interview was sampled in the record. We all know Lillard is a fierce competitor and that he's able to carry his team into the playoffs but that hasn't translated into much success at that stage.

The Portland Trail Blazers underperformed when it mattered the most - again - and now they don't even have a coach. Lillard and company couldn't beat the Denver Nuggets and thus the J-Cole curse was complete.