NBA players - and most athletes - use the offseason to have fun just like everybody else. They travel the world, they party hard, and - sometimes - they even get on the wrong side of the law. If not, just ask Brooklyn Nets' superstar James Harden.

Harden has become a bit infamous around the Association for the way he likes to spend his free time. He's often spotted partying, drinking, and attending strip clubs. Also, he's not always in the  best physical shape when he's on vacation.

That's why the internet wasn't shocked when they found out that he was frisked and detained in Paris a couple of days ago. Harden was there with rapper and businessman Lil'Baby, who was arrested for possession of marijuana.

James Harden Arrested In Paris With Lil' Baby? Funniest Memes And Reactions

"Nets guard James Harden was briefly detained and frisked by police in Paris on Thursday while apparently trying to speak up on behalf of rapper Lil Baby. This came after police searched Lil Baby's car, which smelled like cannabis, a banned substance in France," reported Sporting News.

And, even though he wasn't doing anything wrong and he wasn't even arrested for this offense, social media had plenty to say about the incident. Check out some of the funniest memes and reactions to this.

The NBA no longer punishes players for smoking weed and multiple athletes are advocating for its recreational and medicinal use, so it's not like Harden broke any rules. Then again, you know the internet will never forget about this.

James Harden is entitled to do whatever he wants in his time off the clock as long as he gets back in game shape in time for the season, especially after enduring an injury-riddled playoff run with the Brooklyn Nets.