James Harden is the guy everybody's talking about around the NBA right now but not for the best reasons. The Houston Rockets' star has had a tough stretch over the past four games and stole most of the headlines during the offseason.

Harden declined a contract extension and demanded a trade away from the Houston Rockets after another failed playoff run. The Rockets refused to engage in trade talks with other teams unless they were willing to meet their demands, thus forcing Harden to stay for the beginning of the season.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder player showed up to training camp late and had to miss a couple of games due to Covid-19 protocols, as he was spotted maskless and partying all over the country.

But to make things worse, the thing that stood up the most about Harden was his terrible physical condition, as he showed up at least 20 pounds overweight and it's clearly showing on his game.

James Harden Looks Incredibly Fat Again: Funniest Memes And Reactions

You'd expect Harden to tighten up the diet and exercise once the season started but it hasn't been the case thus far. If anything, Harden is still overweight and has lost his first step and elusiveness. Obviously, the internet had a lot to say about it.

Harden showed up fat and then called his teammates out for 'not being good enough'. Maybe he should take a look in the mirror before trying to put the blame on someone else. We get it, you want out, but that's not the way to handle business.

James must be a professional and act like it. He's taking a toll on his game and his health and should take care of his body the way an NBA player does, even if he doesn't want to play for his team anymore.