The Phoenix Suns went out of their way to get Kevin Durant on board, becoming one of the clear-cut favorites to win an NBA championship. However, Durant knows how fast things can change in the league.

The former Finals MVP hasn’t found much success since leaving the Golden State Warriors. His numbers continue to be stellar, and he’s still one of the best players on Earth, but that hasn’t translated into another ring.

Now, he’s heading toward the sunset of his career, so most people would expect the Valley to be his final stop. However, as much as he’d love that, he doesn’t want to make any promises.

Durant Wants To Stay In Phoenix, But Won’t Make Any Promises

“I mean, I’ve been on so many teams now, and I said this before, right now in this moment today without thinking about the next minute, yeah,” Durant said. “But that’s just saying right now, and I can’t really predict what may happen, but I love playing in Phoenix; I love the fan base, the city.”

That doesn’t mean he’s not having a great time on Frank Vogel’s team. If anything, he wants to do great things for the organization and be a part of their Ring of Honor once it’s all said and done:

“I’ve grown to understand what our mission is, being in the valley, and how deep these people care about their team,” Durant continued. “So, I started to understand the history of the Suns, and I’m glad to be a part of it. I want to go up in that Ring of Honor one day, so however long that takes.”

This could also be Durant’s final chance to have a fan base rooting for him during his Hall of Fame induction, as he’s burnt a lot of bridges in his previous stops in the league.

SURVEY Will Durant win another ring?

Will Durant win another ring?