Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has done enough merits to be considered the greatest pure scorer in NBA history, even if he's still far behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the all-time leading scorers' list.

Durant has an unlimited amount of resources. His combination of size, length, handles, and shooting skills is unprecedented. He can shoot over every player in the world, put the ball on the floor, and score efficiently from all three levels.

That's why it wasn't a surprise to see him passing another legend of the game like Allen Iverson on the all-time scorers' list. And to make it even sweeter, it came in a win over the Boston Celtics.

Kevin Durant Reacts To Passing Allen Iverson On The All-Time Scorers' List

Durant was pretty excited about such an impressive accomplishment. After the game, he addressed the media to discuss how much Iverson meant to him growing up as a huge fan of the game:

"I really became a huge Iverson fan, obviously, just like everybody else his rookie year, but seeing him in Georgetown and playing for Coach (John) Thompson and that whole culture that they built there, you know, he was a huge part of that," Durant told the media. "But once he came to the league, you know, he had players from—I was a center, power forward on my young team. We all was long crossing, you know, double-crossing, so he influenced a lot of people and so to pass him on to list and to be up there with some of the greats on that list is incredible. It just got to keep going."

"I mean, it means the world. I dedicated my life to this game at an early age," KD added. "So I watched all these guys that I'm like passing up. So Iverson, he was a pantheon for me. One of those guys that I emulated every time I went outside and played with my friends. It's all surreal. I pictured I would be in the league, and had an idea ... but to do it is pretty special."


That's the beauty of basketball. All records are meant to be broken and history can be made every single day. Durant still has a huge list of players ahead of him but if someone can take them all down, that's definitely him.