Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented players in NBA history. Likewise, he’s gotten into a lot of trouble since he left the Cleveland Cavaliers, so he’s a bit of a controversial figure in the league.

Irving has often said things without saying them, and it seems like he enjoys throwing darts at other teams, players, organizations, and whatnot. That’s why he’s constantly making the news.

Notably, that might be the case again this time after his first media availability of the season, as he may have taken a slight shot at the Cavaliers while trying to praise the Dallas Mavericks organization.

Kyrie Says He Wishes He Was Drafted By The Mavericks

“I wish I would’ve got drafted by Dallas initially,” Irving said. “Obviously, they weren’t in position in 2011, but just feeling how this organization wraps their arms around the guys.”

Of course, perhaps we’re reading too much into it and he’s just trying to uplift his current team. It doesn’t necessarily have to be him throwing shade at the team that actually drafted him.

But considering how poorly things ended between him and the team and even some of the fans, and given his history of passive-aggressive darts, it wouldn’t be shocking if he were trying to take a shot at the Cavs.