Training camp is the perfect time for new teammates to get along with the veterans in the team. Especially when one of them is LeBron James, and the team you play for is the Los Angeles Lakers. Even for men like Patrick Beverleywhose ego sometimes overhelms himself and others.

However, there aren't any complaints so far. Head coach Darvin Ham is enjoying himself, even invited his long-time friend Ben Wallace to talk to some of the guys in the gym. As the preseason games are right aroung the corner is critical for each player to start feeling the pressure of being a Laker. 

Especially when the team comes after a very-early elimination last season with no Playoffs contention. There will be time to address that, but in the mean time, the Lakers are trying to get along as the practice sessions go on. And, so far, neither Russell Westbrook nor Pat Beverley have been involved in anything wrong.

Patrick Beverley on LeBron James about how elite are his playmaking skills

The first two days of the 2022-23 training camp are over, and everyone was very happy to share their thoughts about the feelings towards each other. For example, coach Darvin Ham praised everybody in the gym, however, he didn't want to mention any names, but that "..currently the rotation is neccesary to keep trying new things."

For Patrick Beverley, being the new guy on the squad its not even something worth talking, but he made some remarks about his newest teammate. "It's just high IQ basketball. One thing I've learned about him seeing through the game; he's an elite passer. Probably one of the best to ever do it, from his height, his size. That's just the nature of the business when you play with LeBron James."

Whereas for Anthony Davis this is a chance to get the rhythm going on, once again. And he has set his mind to play the first 82 games, as he said. Then, to play well, and help the team win games. That's how it is going for the new Lakers team so far.