The Los Angeles Lakers are in the eye of the storm right now. Every single person around the NBA has scrutinized them and criticized them for how poorly they've performed since the start of the season.

Not only has their revamped roster failed to play as a unit and mesh altogether. But also, the team has lacked intensity and an ability to stay competitive for a full 48 minutes, constantly letting leads slip right through their fingers.

That was once again at a full display during their tough loss to the Miami Heat, and that's why Lakers veteran Avery Bradley took some time to address the biggest issue within the team right now.

Avery Bradley Calls Out The Lakers

“We are not learning from our mistakes and as a veteran team as a team that is looking to go far in the postseason, I feel like we have to correct our mistakes and learn from those,” Bradley said, as quoted by Fan Nation. “We just have to play better. It’s unfortunate, but tonight I liked our fight, but it was too late like I said.”

“I think the main thing was the intensity. Just a little too late,” Bradley said of the blown lead vs. the Miami Heat. “We not only dug a hole for ourselves, but I think when we tried to match their intensity, the referees I would say they weren’t ready for our intensity, it was almost too late when we tried to raise our level of play.”

The Lakers are barely hanging around .500 and the eighth spot in the Western Conference, and there's simply no excuse for a team with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook to do that bad.

They still have some time to make adjustments and the trade deadline is just around the corner, so they better straighten the ship before it's too late, as James isn't getting any younger.