You never know what version of the 2021-22 Los Angeles Lakers you're getting. They can either beat contenders like the Utah Jazz or drop the ball at home against bottom-feeders like the Indiana Pacers.

That inconsistency and failure to make adjustments have followed Frank Vogel throughout his career. And, even during the Lakers' championship season, some analysts thought he was a little over his head by coaching such a star-studded team.

The years have gone by and Vogel continues to get exposed and outcoached more often than not. That's why, following another humiliating loss, Lakers legend James Worthy simply lost his cool once and for all.

Lakers News: James Worthy Has Had It With Frank Vogel, Blames Him For The Team's Struggles

The Lakers' postgame show started with Worthy in total disbelief of what he had just watched. Head on the table, complete silence; it took him a while before he could recollect himself and share his thoughts:

"I think he’s gotta take control of this," Worthy said. "Call plays, make sure that they get good shot, make sure that they are versatile and not so one-dimensional and predictable because that’s all I’m seeing right now."

"I don’t think they can get themselves out of this as players because they’ve had enough opportunities," the three-time NBA champion added. "I mean they’ve got leadership, they've got some kind of virus. If they don’t get hold of it you know every team that comes into staples center, forget about on the road, if they don’t get a hold of this, every team that comes into the staples center is gonna have a lot of confidence thinking that in 4 quarters that they’ll be able to beat this team."

Vogel may not be entirely to blame for how poorly constructed their roster is. But he's failed to make the most of the talent he's been given and his lack of adjustments have cost the Lakers leads over and over. He may not even finish the season if this doesn't change now.