Ever since they shared touches in the NBA, LeBron James found a very good friend in Richard Jefferson, a man who walked with him during that impressive run against the Golden State Warriors in 2016, who created a deep bond with the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. 

A lot has happened since that moment and things remain the same for both players, who don’t miss a chance to troll each other on social media or during interviews. However, when they need to defend one another, they don’t hesitate and the retired forward had something to say against Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The AC Milan striker recently criticized LeBron James for his activism, stating that he should stick to basketball and be out of political issues. The 39-year-old said that he doesn’t like when people reach certain status and start trying to talk about things they’re not educated on. 

Richard Jefferson defends LeBron James from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s attacks 

LeBron is yet to issue a response to Ibra and it’s unclear if the King will address this situation but somebody who didn’t stay quiet and fired back at the former Los Angeles Galaxy player was Jefferson, who trashed the Swedish for trying to bring down LBJ.

RJ’s response was short but strong, naming a lot of athletes that were activists and really successful in their disciplines, which is exactly what the 4x NBA champion is doing now; he keeps competing at the highest level but doesn’t hesitate to focus on social matters. 

Mohammed Ali, Bill Russell, Jim Brown, Billy Jean King, Megan Rapinoe, Kareem, Arthur Ashe, Jesse Owens.... Would Disagree. SHOULD I CONTINUE?

James has been one of the most outspoken players against racial injustices and he’s always trying to help people get more involved in politics and fighting for their rights. James has created foundations, organizations to raise awareness about voting and he always showed his support for President Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the new POTUS. 
The King is known for his incredible talent at basketball but he doesn’t hesitate to speak out on social matters, especially when he thinks a group of people is treated unfairly. You can disagree with his political views but there is no doubt that LeBron has made a big impact with activism and nobody can change that.