It’s not a secret that multiple NBA players have always had a taste for marijuana. Kevin Durant has advocated for its use, and the word around the league is that Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr rolls the best blunts.

The league isn’t even testing for pot anymore. The new CBA also allows active players to invest in and endorse cannabis-related products, just as it does with other endeavors.

However, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban isn’t so fond of his players getting high. In a recent interview, he openly said that he’s actually traded some players because of weed.

Mark Cuban Has Traded Players For Smoking Too Much Pot

“It’s a team. No lie, I’ve traded guys because they smoke too much,” Cuban admitted on the Pat Bev podcast. “If you got some young dudes on there that are just figuring it out, smoke some, but don’t know what the team culture is and you got one dude that’s just, you know, if you walk down the hall of the hotel and you know he’s on that floor no doubt about it.”

“All of a sudden these other kids pick up on it and you see them red-eyed coming to practice all of a sudden,” he added. “You don’t want them going down that road. Everybody smokes right, it’s not about that. But there’s smoking, there’s how powerful the sh*t you’re doing is, and then there’s how much you do. If you get past that level where you gotta look at the bigger picture, that’s just not the culture.”

So, now you know, folks. If you want to try out for the Dallas Mavericks or apply for a job at one of Mark Cuban’s many companies, you better stay away from the devil’s lettuce.