The NBA playoffs are the real deal. Every game feels like a win-or-go-home situation and players leave everything in the hardwood for the full 48 minutes. That means that referees often let NBA players off the hook with some fouls that they'd usually call.

For years, NBA players, fans, and even media have been strongly critical and skeptical of the officiating and rightfully so. The referees make a lot of money, yet they always seem to drop the ball when it matters the most.

Last night's game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat was a perfect example of that, as the referees had two terrible calls during the final 10 seconds. One to tie the game, and one to break the tie with no time left in the clock.

First, they called a non-existing shooting foul on Goran Dragic over Khris Middleton. To make things even worst, that meant that Khris had a chance to tie the game down three points. Needless to say, he sank both.

Then, on the very next play, the referees bailed Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat out by calling a soft foul on Giannis Antetokounmpo after Butler's missed three. They sent Butler to the line for two with no time left in the clock, and the Heat won by a couple of points.

Obviously, NBA players took it to Twitter to voice their opinions about the officiating. The referees were terrible once again and they know firsthand how frustrating those kinds of situations can be.

NBA players blast referees over terrible calls in Game 2 of Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

Yes, Giannis shouldn't even try to contest that shot to begin with but c'mon man, Game 2 of the playoffs, a team going down 0-2, game tied with no time left on the clock, that's a no-call 10 times out of 10. Hopefully, the referees will do a better job in the following games.