The NBA season was in jeopardy following the Milwaukee Bucks' decision to boycott their playoff game vs. the Orlando Magic. NBA players attending the bubble in Orlando showed their solidarity with the Bucks by also boycotting their games, thus forcing the league to postpone the fixtures.

Later, players, coaches, and even referees held a meeting to discuss a possible course of action. However, there as a growing sentiment that the season could be canceled, as LeBron James and players from the Lakers and Clippers were upset about the Bucks' lack of an end game or conditions to resume play, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Things sailed smoothly yesterday, though, as Michael Jordan used his leverage as a legendary player and the only black team owner to mediate between both parties. The players eventually agreed to finish the season as long as team owners committed to getting more involved in social justice initiatives.

NBA Players Agree To Resume The Season After Team Owners Commitments

And now that the league officially announced that the playoffs will continue on Staurday Bleacher Report recently revealed the three commitments team owners and players agreed upon the resumption of the campaign:

- Establish a social justice coalition featuring representatives from players, coaches, and governors (owners).

- Convert team arenas into voting locations for the 2020 general election.

- Create advertising spots in playoff games that promote civic engagement in local, national elections.

NBA Players' Strike Still A Possibility

While team owners and commissioner Adam Silver managed to quiet the storm, for now, there's still a belief that NBA players could opt to boycott the 2020-21 season if all parties don't comply or back down from their commitments.


The NBA community and NBA Players' Association has been quite spoken regarding their social views and concerns, and there were already plenty of doubts regarding when was next season going to star. Today, we have many questions and few answers.